Vashlovani National Park is one of the best destinations to visit in Georgia. Its semi-desert landscapes, with pure wilderness, off-roading and spending the night in the remote places make this tour as special and different from others.  Our 3-Days Vashlovani Tour covers all major destinations including Pantishara Valley, Bear Canyon, Samukhi Valley, Mijniskure, Eagle Canyon, and Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanos.  You will travel by 4X4 SUV car in Vashlovani National Park, and make small hiking detours along the way.

Vashlovani National Park

If you are looking to immerse into the wild nature, enjoy with semi-desert environment, experience off-road, and observe wild birds and animals including gazelle, then tour to Vashlovani National Park is the best destination for you.

Day 1 : Tbilisi – Dedoplistskaro-Vashlovani National Park ( Pantishara-Samuhki Valley-Mijniskure)

Driving 2,5 hours, Off-roading 4 hours, walking 1 hour

  • In the early morning, we leave Tbilisi, and head for Vashlovani National Park. In 2,5 we will stop at Dedoplistskaro town. Here we need to make registration at the visitor’s center of Vashlovani National Park, and obtain permits from the border police. After these procedures, we drive to Vashlovani protected areas.  Immediately after we leave the town, you will see immense vast plains of Shiraki where farmers cultivate sunflowers, wheat, and corn.  After 1,5 hour of off-roading, we reach the viewpoint from there all Pantishara gorge and surrounding areas are in front of you. Afterwards, we drive down into the canyon, and stop at the city of swallows.  Here swallows are making nests on the cliffs above the road, and you can see and observe their small town.  After this place, we will drive and stop at Bear Canyon. Here we take small hiking into the canyon and see prehistoric fauna in Bear Canyon. In deposited layers of exposed rocks it is easy to observe well preserved chitines of sea mollusks. These mollusks are the old inhabitants of Vashlovani- to the time when this place was covered by the sea. In the same Bear Canyon you can meet a relatively “young” prehistoric animal –a fossilized scapula of the southern elephant is protruding from the clay hill.
  • After this, we will drive to Samukhi valley where about 200 gazelles live in and around the Samukhi Valley. The eighth generation of Likliks was born this year.  If we are lucky, we can see and observe their movements just like Safari.  Afterwards, this drive to Mijniskure.
  • Overnight at cottages in Mijniskure.

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Day 2 : Mijniskure- Soviet Shiraki Military Airfield – Elia Monastery-Khornabuji – Dedoplistskaro

Off-roading 3,5 hours, walking 2 hours

  • In the morning, we take a small hiking to the viewpoints from where you can see the surrounded areas of Mijniskure, and enjoy the views over Alazani River and Vashlovani National Park.  Afterwards, we are driving out of Vashlovani National Park. After 2 hours of off-road, we would leave the park, and head to abandoned Soviet Shiraki Military Airfield. This is a place where Soviet Union built bunkers, and stationed fighter jets. Now it is all abandoned, but you can still visit, and walk in the airfield territory. Afterwards, we are driving to Elia monastery, which is a rock-hewed monastery with very rich history, and good views over the surrounding areas.  Our next destination would be Khornabuju fortress. This old fortress was 5th century, and it is quite hard to climb on top of it, however, if you do, you can enjoy with very good views.
  • Overnight at a guesthouse in Dedoplistskaro.

Vashlovani National Park

Day 3 : Dedoplistskaro – Eagle Canyon-Dali Reservoir – Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcano- Tbilisi

Off-roading 4 hours, Driving 2,5 hours, walking 1 km.

  • In the morning, we are visiting Eagle canyon. Here you can find more than sixty species of birds. Among them are the nesting species of rare species such as Eagles, black stork and Griffon vultures. Eagle canyon is the perfect bird watching spot.  You can observe birds flying over the canyon, how they nest, and feed the newborns.  After the top of the canyon, we are descending down into the canyon, where the green, lush landscape makes an interesting contrast to the top of the canyon. We walk 1 km down into the canyon alongside of the small stream.  Afterwards, we are driving to Dali Reservoir, an artificial water reservoir made in semi-desert area. After the Dali reservoir, we are off roading to Takhti-Tepa mud volcanos.  These are small, tiny hills from where mud, gas, and oil comes out of the ground. After the volcano, we head back to Tbilisi.

TakhtI Tepa Volcano at Vashlovani National Park

Tour Price Includes:

✅ 3-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

✅ All Ground Transportation by 4×4 SUV

✅ Fuel Surcharge

✅ Breakfast at the guesthouse for Day 3 

          ✅ Dinner at the guesthouse for Day 2

          ✅ Camping Breakfast for Day 2 

           ✅ Camping Dinner for Day 2 

          ✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse in Dedoplistskaro

          ✅ 1 overnight at a cottage in Vashlovani National Park

          ✅ Sleeping bags & Cooking gear

          ✅ Pick up & drop off from Tbilisi

          ✅ Private Tour

 Price Does Not Include : 

✘ Travel Insurance

✘ Overnight in Tbilisi for the last night

           ✘ Lunches

Important Information: 

  • Vashlovani National Park is a border area with Azerbaijan. Before traveling to the Vashlovani Protected areas, we will need to get permissions. For this, all of our travelers’ passport copies are needed beforehand. 
  • In case of bad weather (rain), we may not be able to access all the places. 

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