Best Hiking Trails in Kazbegi

Wondering what places to visit in Georgia, particularly in Kazbegi? Here are 3 breathtaking Kazbegi Day Hikes that are very popular among hikers ready to explore Kazbegi   Park.

  1. Gergeti Trinity Church & Gergeti Glacier

  2. Juta Valley

  3. Truso Valley

01 Gergeti Trinity Church & Gergeti Glacier Hike


  • Duration: 7 Hours
  • Length: 20 km
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September)


Kazbegi is touristy to be sure, but just 2 km away hikers are already in the mid of wildflower-spangled meadows. One of the best Kazbegi hiking route is to hike Gergeti Trinity Church and Gergeti Glacier.  You can start hiking directly from Kazbegi and hike to Gergeti Trinity Church. If you have a car, then it is best to drive to Gergeti Trinity Church, and start hiking from there.

Gergeti Trinity Church is the most popular touristic place in Georgia and, therefore, you will see many people around it. But as soon as you start hiking towards Gergeti Glacier, you see few people but more wildflowers. The route takes you up the steep slopes of the hills and mountains with dramatic views that overlook Gergeti Trinity Church & Kazbegi. You will continue hiking up until you reach Sabertse Pass (3000m). From here you will descend towards the river, you need to find a small ladder which serves as a bridge, cross it and hike up to the Glacier.

Gergeti Glacier is one of the big glaciers in Georgia. Hike to it, touch, explore and come back. Do not try to cross it, or take inward routes. Without a special equipment, you may pose a threat to yourself. On the way back, you can visit Altihut for a tea and lunch. The way back can be the same as you already took, or you can use an alternatively route, more off-beathen path. This route goes through Arsha pass, and goes to village Arsha, in 5 km from Kazbegi.

02 Juta Valley Hike


  • Duration:  3 Hours until Lake, 5 Hours until Chaukhi Pass
  • Length: 6 km (Lake); 10 km (pass)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September)


Juta  valley is wild and beautiful and relatively easy to hike. The starting point of Juta valley hike is from Juta village. The place is located in 20 km from Kazbegi, and you can drive yourself, or hire a car to Juta. First the hiking trail goes to camping places – Zeta Camping and 5TH Season Hut. Then it follows a good trail and reaches a tiny alpine lake. Thiis is a place where most people reaches and goes back but if you want more hiking, then you can hike to Chaukhi Pass, and come back. That place is full of wild-flowers, is relatively off-beaten and offers much great views than the first half of the trail.

03 Truso Valley Hike


  • Duration:  6 Hours
  • Length: 20 Km
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September, October)


Another great place for outdoor activities in Kazbegi is Truso valley.  The place is in 20 km from Kazbegi and is easily reachable by 4X4 car. You can explore most of the valley by 4X4 car, or take a easy hike and explore it in-depth. We strongly recommend this last one as it is much more relaxing and offers a great adventure. You will need to drive, or hire a car, to Okrokana village which is a starting point for hiking. You will cross a bridge over a river and start hiking. First you follow the canyon, and after 4 km, you will see the open fields of Truso valley surrounded by the high mountains. The valley is a perfect mix of culture and nature. You will see here abandoned villages,  shepherds, monasteries and nunneries in a very isolated landscape. But you will also enjoy with travertines, towers, roaring rivers, lake and mountains. The last point of hiking will be Zakagori fortress where Georgian border police guards are stationed. After you will explore Zakagori, you need to come back Okrokana village.

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