Best Trekking Trails in Georgia

A collection of thrilling multi-day trekking trails in Georgia for adventure lovers.  Trekking in Georgia becomes more and more popular, but which places to visit in Georgia and which treks are the most stunning, adventurous and worth to take first?  To answer that question, we’ve compiled all our favorite treks in Georgia. These treks are multi-day hikes ranging from 3 to 8 days. Here are our favourite treks in Georgia: 

  1. Tobavarchkhili Lake Trekking Trail

  2. Mestia Ushguli trekking in Svaneti 

  3. Omalo shatili Trekking Trail

  4. Trekking in Tusheti

  5. Mount Kazbegi


01 Trek to Tobavarchkhili Lakes


  • Where: Samegrelo Region
  • Duration: 5 Days Trekking + 2 Day Driving
  • Length: 78 km
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Accommodation: Wild Camping in Tents  
  • When to hike: Summer (July, August), or Fall (September)

Guided Tours: 7 Day Trekking to Tobavarchkhili Lakes


This is easily the most beautiful, challenging and favorite trek in Georgia, and something that every trekker in Georgia attempts at least once in their lifetime. Rising high above the fog and the clouds, situated in subtropical zone, and being an alp zone, Tobavarchkhili looks almost ethereal and other worldly with its dozen wild flowers, pure blue lakes, waterfalls, and nature without any civilization.  Starting point is a Mukhuri village in Samegrelo region. First 25 km follows the dirt road, then it’s a pure trekking trail with no sign of civilization. The best ending point of the trek is to finish in Skuri village through Magana gorge. But if you want even more difficult trail, you can finish in Upper Svaneti.

Insider Tip: Hire a big Soviet Truck for first 25 km from Mukhuri to Second Shepherd Hut, and from Kirnakhora to Skuri village.

Insider Tip: Taste cheese and dairy products at local shepherds in Magana gorge.

Insider Tip: There are small lakes near Big Tobavarchkhili Lakes. They are worth to visit. 


02 Mestia Ushguli trekking in Svaneti

  • Where: Svaneti
  • Duration: 4 Days Trekking + 2 Day Driving
  • Length: 53 km
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Accommodation: Guesthouses. Camping is possible near the villages.
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September)

Guided Tours:   


Svaneti Trekking offers a classic Caucasus Mountains with snowcapped peaks, glaciers, UNESCO world Heritage sites, medieval villages and tasty food.  Classic Mestia Ushguli Trekking starts from Mestia town in Upper Svaneti (in 454 km from Tbilisi), and finishes in Ushguli. This is a modified hut to hut trekking trails, instead of mountain huts, you will sleep at the guesthouses. Accommodation is very basic, but with good food and hospitable local people is more than enough for ideal trekking in the region.  This is the most popular trekking trail in Georgia which, on one side, is good as it will help you to stay on the trail, however, on another side, during the busy season you will see literally hundreds of hikers on each day.

Insider Tip: Reserve Guesthouses in advance.

Insider Tip: For more hard trekking lovers, you can choose to arrive in Ushguli through Kareta Pass. 

Check out the route here: Trekking in Svaneti


03 Omalo Shatili Trekking Trail


  • Where: Tusheti, Khevsureti
  • Duration: 5 Days Trekking + 2 Day Driving
  • Length: 72 km
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Accommodation: Guesthouses for 3 Nights, Wild Camping for 2 Nights  
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September)

Guided Tours: 7 Day Trekking from Omalo to Shatili


To get to Omalo – the most remote inhabited place of Georgia – You have to drive one of the most difficult and dangerous roads through Abano Pass. The road is only open for 4 months in a year and is passable only by 4×4 Cars.  Omalo Shatili trek usually starts from Omalo village, it follows different deep valleys and passes medieval style villages of stone-houses.  After last village in Tusheti – Girevi – You will hike in the wild Caucasus Mountains. Trekking from Omalo to Shatili through Atsunta Pass is not a walk in a national park on the paved trail, as probably you have seen or experienced in Alps, or in other “developed” mountains.  For three days trek follows valleys with full of barriers – roaring rivers, leftovers of snows, steep rocks, and high altitudes (Atsunta is above 3400 m).  You will end your wild trekking in Mutso and Shatili villages, which are another marvelous cultural heritage of Caucasus Mountains.

Insider Tip: Consuming pork in Tusheti is strictly forbidden by local customs. Please adhere to this rule.

Insider Tip: Avoid sheep flocks. Do not throw stones to shepherd dogs. Just wait for a shepherd to come to take away shepherd dogs from you.

Insider Tip: Taste local milk, cheese and other locally produced products.


04 Trekking in Tusheti

  • Where: Tusheti
  • Duration: 4 Days Trekking + 2 Day Driving
  • Length: 62 km
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Accommodation: Guesthouses. Camping is possible in tents.
  • When to hike: Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September)

Guided Tours: 6 Day Trekking in Tusheti


One of the few multi day trekking trail in Georgia which offers overnights for all nights at the local guesthouses. Trekking here leads you through lush green fields and across small gorges with full of pine trees. You’ll get to see Tushetian villages where locals live house-towers. From marvelous Caucasus Mountains, vivid green forests, ancient villages,  it’s an inspiring way to get deep into the last wild place in Europe. You’ll be seeing the best that Georgia has to offer while enjoying peace and freedom in a untouched nature, away from the crowd and technology.

Insider Tip: Hire a local driver as driving in Tusheti is strongly recommended only people who know the local terrain very well.

Insider Tip: Be aware of Shepherd dogs.


05 Mount Kazbegi Climbing

  • Where: Kazbegi
  • Duration: 5 Days Trekking + 2 Day Driving
  • Length: 44 km
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Accommodation: Shelter, Tents
  • When to hike: Spring (May), Summer (June, July, August), or Fall (September, October)

Hike in Kazbegi

Mount Kazbegi is technically more mountaineering route, but given the fact that you almost do not any special skill; experienced and fit trekkers can tackle the Kazbegi peak.   Route to Kazbegi leads to the famous iconic Gergeti Trinity Church, then follows and crosses Gergeti Glacier and reaches the basecamp of Kazbegi (3800m), and finally the peak. Being one of the highest mountain Europe and Caucasus (5054 m) Kazbegi offers outstanding landscapes and an ideal environment for outdoor nature lovers.

Insider Tip: Book a place at Kazbegi Basacamp before you arrive. There is a small café at the basecamp.

Insider Tip: Be prepare for the glaciers and Mount Kazbegi. Use crampons, rope and ice axe, or have them with you at any time.

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