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Georgia Travel Guide for Adventure Lovers

Georgia hosts 5 highest snowcapped mountains in Caucasus and offers great variety of lush green valleys and alpine lakes. Georgia offers plenty of hiking opportunities but we picked up 5 Must do hiking trails in Georgia.

Wondering what places to visit in Georgia, particularly in Kazbegi? Here are 3 breathtaking Kazbegi Day Hikes that are very popular among hikers. Visit Kazbegi and explore Gergeti Glacier, Juta & Truso Valleys.

Svaneti is the most popular trekking destination in Georgia. However, if you desire to explore Svaneti, but want to avoid crowded touristic trails, then you can find here 3 off-beaten-path treks where you see almost no hikers.

Are you wondering which places to visit in Georgia and which treks are the most stunning, adventurous and worth to take first?  Here we’ve compiled all our favorite treks in Georgia. These treks are multi-day hikes ranging from 3 to 8 days.

If you are looking for a trail where you can challenge yourself, hike in the wild nature, camp under the thousands of the starts, then Tobavarkchili is a perfect choice for you. It is the most beautiful, still unexplored and hidden trail in Georgia.

Tusheti is a wonderland of Georgia. It is the most remote, wild and hospitable mountainous region in Georgia. You can hike from a village to next village, delve into local villagers' life, enjoy with rich culture and food, or find a harmony into the unexplored mountains.

Everyone knows that Georgia for summer hiking is paradise, but what about winter? Can you hike in winter and actually enjoy in hiking in this country? If you are wondering which hiking trails you should explore in winter, here are 5 best winter hikes in Georgia.