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Mountanous Regions

  • Kazbegi, also known in Georgia as Khevi province, is the most touristic mountainous region in Georgia. Its proximity to the capital and a well-developed infrastructure attracts thousands of visitors each year. Kazbegi is located on the northern slopes of Greater Caucasus mountain range in the basin of river Tergi. The terrain is of course mountainous with almost no forests but lots of green alpine meadows. Here main touristic sites are Gergeti Trinity Church and Gveleti Waterfalls which are easily accessible. However, there are other areas which are less known among visitors but are no less attractive and picturesque. Kazbegi is ideal place for visitors wishing to do hiking in Georgia. 

  • You can take a hike near Juta village (15 km from Kazbegi), enjoy with majestic scenery, conquer 4000 mountains and then overnight in tents or at local cozy guesthouses in Juta. If you want to explore different landscape, Truso valley can offer absolutely different scenery. Surrounded by high mountains, abandoned villages, towers, geizzers and a lake are the reason why Truso valley should be visited. You can take 15 km hike in flat terrain or take a 4X4 drive.

  • For people who loves trekking and hiking in georgia in unspoiled nature in open, alpine meadows and rocks Kelitsadi lake and plateau are the place for worth  3day hard trekking.  And last but the most beautiful trail is Kazbegi mountain. Adventure seekers can just go for 2 days hiking to visit Meteostation just below the summit of Kazbegi at 3800 m above the sea level or for more experienced adventure lovers can go even for 1 week climbing up to summit Kazbegi at 5047 m.

For Kazbegi area, we offer following tours:


  • Tusheti is located in the north-eastern part of Georgia, on the northern slopes of Greater Caucasus mountains. Most of Tusheti territories are either protected areas or national park, combines of 113660 hectares. Tusheti is a wonderland for adventure seekers. It is accessible only for 4 months in a year by one of the most dangerous road in the world (highest point of the road is 2,826m above sea level).  Tusheti includes not only beautiful and stunning nature such as snowy peaks. Alpine meadows and lakes, vast pine trees but also ancient villages with towers and tower-houses and ruins of fortress. Flora of Tusheti is so diverse. Here can be found rare plants and flowers such as Tushetian Wolfsbane, Rock Bellflower, Tushetian Dog-rose, Rhododendron bushes, etc.

  • Tusheti is inhabited by Tushi people which used to be nomadic people, mainly having flocks of sheep and herds of cattle. This traditions is kept still here where visitors can thousands of sheep in the alpine meadows. Local people produce wool and  one of the best quality of cheese.  Visitors can take different activities in Tusheti including horse riding, hiking, trekking, Jeep tour or simply walking. There are more than 10 tourist trails in Tusheti Protected Areas. Also, from here experienced hikers can go to Khevsureti via Atsunta Pass. Tusheti is a top destination for many hikers wanting to participate in trekking tours in Georgia Caucasus. 

For Tusheti, we offer following tours:


  • Khevsureti is located 170 km north-east of Tbilisi on southern and northern slopes of Caucasus. Khevsureti is divided into two major part :Piraketi and Piriketi Khevsureti. Piraketi Khevsureti is located on the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus mountains is mainly in the ravines of Khevsureti Aragvi. Pirikita Khevsureti is situated on the northern slopes of Caucasus and unites several gorges such as Arkhoti and Shatili-Ardoti area. Here are located high mountains including Tebulo (4493 m), Kidegana (4275), Chaukhi (3842). Nature and landscape is quite different from Tusheti, especially Pirikita Khevsureti which is deep and divided by steep slopes and cliffs. Probably Khevsureti is the most underrated touristic region in Georgia. Only a few foreign visitors to Georgia travel to this region because of the road conditions and unfamiliarity with the region. However, each minute, day and moment is like travelling in a fairy-tell. Khevsureti provides for you to hike in Georgia. You can visit majestic Abudelaurebi Green, Blue and White alpine lakes, mediavel defensive villages of Shatili and Mutso. Both village consists towers and houses built by specific local cultures without using modern technologies. Deep valleys, narrow gorges, waterfalls and lakes, abandoned villages, guesthouses in centuries old Towers are just a part of Khevsureti adventure.

For Khevsureti, we offer following tours:














  • Racha is a mountainous region in western Georgia. It is situated in the upper-Rioni river valley and surrounded by the Greater Caucasus mountains. Most of Rach is covered by vast forests of pine, oak, beech. The region is famous of its wine and food. Along with culture, visitors also can undertake outdoor activities. Three days trekking to Udziro lake is one of the most spectacular trekking tours in Georgia Caucasus. Hikers can also undertake one or two day hiking to Buba glacier and Notsara valley.

For Racha, we offer following tours:


  • Svaneti is situated on the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus mountains range in the ravines of rivers Enguri and Tskhenistskhali. Svaneti is divided roughly into two parts: Lower and Upper Svaneti. Svaneti has humid climate influenced from the air masses coming in from the Black sea, while cold winds from North Caucasus are blocked by Greater Caucasus mountains range. Most of Lower Svaneti and part of Upper Svaneti is covered by mixed and coniferous forests made up of spruce, fir, beech, oak, and hornbeam. Svaneti also hosts four of the 10 highest peaks of Caucasus among them the highest is Mount Shkhara at 5,201 m. There are also other famous mountains such as Tetnuldi (4,974 m) and Mount Ushba (4,710 m). Svaneti is a unique region in Georgia, here local people has their separate Svani language (belongs to Georgian language family group), local traditions and life style. Svaneti was part of Cholchis Kingdom in ancient time, in early mediaval age Svanti was included into Georgian kingdom Egrisi, while in late middle age was part of United Georgian kingdom. In Upper Svaneti local people enjoyed absolutely freedom, they only obeyed Georgian kings and had not have any lords.

  • Today Svaneti is probably the most attractive region for foreign visitors. Tourists can visit human settlements with unique architectural styles such as Mestia town which unites tens of towers and tower-houses, Ushguli -highest inhabited village in Europe. For visitors willing to take some outdoor activities, Svaneti offers plenty of destinations. You can undertake Mestia-Ushguli trail for 5 days, also you can do 1 or 2 days hiking trails such as Shdugra Waterfall and UShba Glacier, Guli pass, Qoruldi lakes, Chalaadi Pass and many other trails.

For Svaneti, we offer following tours:



  • Adjara is a historical region in south-west of Georgia between the black sea and lesser Caucasus mountains. This region is quite different from other areas of Georgia. It is a high mountains with sub-tropical climate makes this place special. Mountainous parts of Adjara are almost forgotten by visitors because of it, local people shows real hospitality and love towards visitors. Here you can stay in Beshumi resort, hike to Green lake or visit Khikhani fortress.

For Adjara, we offer tailored-made tours


Georgia has very diverse landscape but probably the most beautiful one is mountains which are hiker’s and traveler’s dream destination with snow-peaked mountains, picturesque scenery, unspoiled remote villages, centuries of old towers and houses.  Georgia is very small country and one may think that mountainous regions have the same type landscape, but truth is that mountainous regions are also very different from Each region.