Do you want to explore the scenic beauty and majestic charm of the Greater Caucasus? The best way to enjoy the wild nature of Caucasus is on foot with an experienced our local guides. Our two days journey will take us deep into the Greater Caucasus Mountains, hiking into the alpine meadows, passing through Chaukhi pass (at 3338 m above the sea level) and exploring majestic White, Blue and Green lakes of Abudelaurebi. The tour includes two days hiking of 23 km, camping in the alpine meadows and walking around the sharp peaks of Greater Caucasus Mountains.


Day 1 Tbilisi-Juta-Chaukhi Massif

  • Tbilisi-Juta – In the early morning, we drive to the north-east of Georgia and arrive in Juta village which is the last inhabitant settlement in the surrounding area.
  • Juta-Chaukhi Massif – We follow the river basin, cross the mountainous small rivers and camping in Chaukhi massif. The camping site is at 2800 meters above the sea level. This day we hike for 8 km, elevation is 600 meters (from 2160 to 2860 m).
Hike in Juta valley
Hike in Juta valley

Day 2 Chaukhi Massif – Chaukhi Pass-Abudelaurebi Lakes-Roshka-Tbilisi

  • Chaukhi Massif – Chaukhi Pass – This morning will start off early at the dawn. After breakfast into the wild, we will hike up to Chaukhi Pass, cross it at 3338 meters and descent on the other slopes of the Chaukhi massif.
  • Abudelaurebi lakes – After difficult climbing down, we will visit Abudelaurebi white lake at 2800 m. afterwards, we are still hiking down in the alpine meadows and visit Abudelaurebi Blue lake. From here, a green lake is just in 100 meters. All lakes are alpine lakes, feed by the melting snow and mountainous rivers.
  • Abudelaurebi Lakes – Roshka Village – Tbilisi We take a well-marked mountainous pass and hiking down in the valley. In 6 kilometers, lies a village of Roshka from where head back to Tbilisi by a car. On the second day, we need to hike for 15 kilometres. The overall technical difficulty of the trail is hard so hikers needs to be fit a bit for this trail.

823 Hike from Juta to Roshka

Tour Price Includes:

✅ Trekking Guide/Driver Service

✅ Transportation 4×4 car

✅ Fuel Surcharge

✅ Camping food

✅ Camping Equipment (tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, cooking gear)

 Price Does Not Include : 

✘ Dinner for the last day

✘ Travel Insurance

✘ Horses for luggage transportation

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