Combine nature and action in one perfect week! This tour – 7 Day Horse Riding in Tusheti – offers an adventure fairy-tale in the mountainous Tusheti region situated in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. We ride up and over the steep mountains, along the lush green valleys, alpine meadows, and race across roaring mountain rivers on Georgian horses. We pick up you at your hotel/airport and then drive to the Tusheti region. Our first night is in Omalo, an administrative center of Tusheti. From here, we start horse riding, following the mountainous ridge which separates three different valleys of Tusheti. We also visit spectacular mountainous villages of Tusheti such as Parsma, Dartlo, Kvavlo, Diklo and Shenaqo. 7 Day Horse Riding in Tusheti is an excellent choice for adventure lovers which requires great courage, willingness and motivation to challenge themselves into the wild nature on the horse back.


Day 1 Tbilisi-Alvani-Omalo

  • Your Tusheti adventure begins at your hotel. After breakfast, we drive to Kakheti region. We visit one of the most beautiful and stunning church Alaverdi cathedral built in 11th century. Then we follow one the most dangerous and adventurous mountainous pass and cross it at an elevation of 2850m. After 6 hours driving, we arrive and explore Omalo which is an administrative and most populated area (up to several families) in Tusheti.

  • Overnight at a local guesthouse in Omalo.

Day 2 – Omalo – Diklo

  • After breakfast, we ride to the Diklo. This day is quite easier, we follow the car road and after 4 hours riding, we reach to Shenaqo village, and then soon a village Diklo. The rest of the day, we have exploration and relaxation.

  • Overnight at a local guesthouse in Diklo.

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Horses & Tushetian Kids

Day 3 – Diklo-Dartlo

  • This day our main destination will be Dartlo village. In the morning, we pass by a Diklo fortress which is mostly in ruins nowadays. The perfect location of the fortress, built on the top of the rocky mountain, creates a picturesque environment for visitors. Afterwards, we ride to the village Dartlo. On our way, we visit another mountainous village of Chigo and pass away shepherd huts and sheep herds. 

  • Overnight at local guesthouse in Dartlo.


Day 4: Dartlo-Baso village 

  • In the morning, we will visit other small Tusheti villages by horseback riding. We will take a small detour to see the ruins of the village Kvavlo, Parsma, and Baso. We follow the Pirikiti Alazani river gorge and reach to village Baso by the afternoon.

  • Overnight at a local guesthouse in Shenaqo.

Day 5 – Baso-Nakaicho Pass-Jvarboseli

  • After breakfast, we pack lunch and saddle up. We ride up to the Nakaicho pass (2500m) and take a small break to enjoy the panorama view over the surrounding stunning landscape.  The pass is at the elevation of up to 3000 meters. The picturesque panorama of three Tusheti valleys – Gometsari gorge, Pirikita, and Pirikiti Tusheti valleys – offers visitors a majestic experience. After 7 hours riding and 1-hour walking, we reach our final destination for this day – the village of Jvarboseli.

  •  Overnight at local basic guesthouse in Jvarboseli.

Horse Riding in Tusheti
Horse Riding in Tusheti

Day 6 – Jvarboseli-Omalo

  • This is the last day for horseback riding for us in Tusheti. We will ride horses to Omalo, but on our way, we cross the mountainous river by horses, follow the downstream of Alazani river and visit the village of Bochorna.

  • Overnight at a local guesthouse in Omalo.

Day 7 – Omalo-Abano Pass – Tbilisi

  • After breakfast, we are heading back to Abano Pass, and arrive in Tbilisi in the afternoon.

Tour Price Includes:

✅ 7-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

✅ Transportation by comfortable vehicle

✅ Fuel Surcharge

✅ Horses per person with 1 horse owner 

✅ 2 Overnights at a guesthouse in Omalo

✅ 1 Overnight at a guesthouse in Diklo

✅ 1 Overnight at a guesthouse in Dartlo

✅ 1 Overnight at a guesthouse in Baso

✅ 1 Overnight at a guesthouse in Jvarboseli

✅ Breakfast, Lunch boxes and Dinner for 6 Days

 Price Does Not Include : 

✘ Travel Insurance

✘ Lunches

✘ Overnight in Tbilisi

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