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Martvili Canyon is one of the marvelous place located in the Western Georgia and the most popular tour in Georgia country. Its total length is 2400 m where naturally emerges several waterfalls. Martvili canyon offers visitors a unique experience to take a boat trip to the river in canyon and walk along the river. Visitors also can take an optional scuba diving into the river of the canyon. Then depart to Okatse where you can explore a cascade of three-level waterfalls. Within the canyon, you can take a tour onto the path hanging on a cliff and enjoy views of the nature from the skywalk. TrekGeorgia offers one or two days tour to Martvili and Okatse canyons. 


  • Martvili Canyons – A narrow gorge was emerged in the period of Mesozoic era. On this place, a limestone cave was collapsed and thus created canyon, several bridges and waterfalls.

  • The Monastery of the Virgin Mary in Martvili-The church was built in 7th century and was a place for the Chkondidi Episcopacy in medieval era.

  • Okatse Canyon –The walkable route of the canyon is 1,5 km, its height ranges from 20 till 100 meters, while the width reaches up to 20m. Narrow and deep gorge gives a marvelous experience to visitors and can be described as a thrilling amazing place.


Tour price includes:

  • Transportation

  • Full-day guide service

  • Tickets for Martvili and Okatse Canyons

  • Tickets for boat tour

Not included:

  • Scuba diving

  • Meals

  • Travel Insurance​

This tour also can be organized as a two day trip with additional places to visit.


Martvili & Okatse Canyons


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