Ski Touring in gudauri & kazbegi

Nestled on the main Caucasus mountain range, Gudauri and Kazbegi are the places to go for ski touring! High-quality snow, easy accessibility, vast open spaces, and high peaks are one of the reasons why you should try ski touring in Gudauri and Kazbegi areas. There are various diverse ski touring routes for freeride beginners and extreme lovers of steep slopes. 

Our multi-day ski touring trips join the pleasures of ski touring with the discovery of the Georgian culture, cousine and cultural heritage. Overnight stays include at the local guesthouses, offering a chance to experience true Georgian hospitality and life. Ski touring in Gudauri and Kazbegi mountains is undoubtedly one of the best ski destinations in Georgian and in the world. Here ski resorts and ski lifts give an easy access to several mountain peaks from where you can ski down.  Begginners, intermediate to advanced skiers, your experienced ski guide will find you around the best snow conditions, virgin slopes, and fresh powder.

Ski Touring in Gudauri

Day 1 – Tbilisi – Gudauri Transfer

Driving 3 Hours, HB: Breakfast & Dinner

  • We will meet at the airport, and drive to Gudauri. From Tbilisi, driving takes 2,5 hours.
  • Check in at a Guesthouse in Gudauri.

Day 2: Gudauri – Sadzele Ski Touring – Kobi-Gudauri

Driving 20 minutes, HB: Breakfast & Dinner, Walking 10 minutes, 5 km ski track, 1160 vertical

  • This day is for ski touring in Gudauri and freeriding in Gudauri area. In the morning, we meet at the guesthouse, and you will explore Gudauri area. You will go to the Sadzele peak by ski lift, and then ski touring on the slopes to Kobi gorge. This day is more for preparing and getting know each other. You will go to mount Sadzile and Chirdili slopes, just next to the Gudauri ski resort.
  • Overnight at a guesthouse in Gudauri.

Ski Touring in Gudauri

Day 3: Gudauri – Lomisa Mountain Ski Touring- Gudauri

Driving 1 Hour, HB: Breakfast & Dinner, Walking 3 hours, 5,5 ski track, Vertical  – 750 m

  • In the morning, we will drive to Mleta village from Gudauri by cars. We stop in Mleta village and starts ascend. You will have brilliant views on the Gudauri resort and Aragvi gorge. The last destination would be the Orthodox Monastery at Lomisa mountain.  You will have a tea with monks, rest, and then ski down from there. The elevation gain 2222, and the downhill 2222.  This day is easy and should take around 5 hours in total.
  • Overnight at the guesthouse in Gudauri.

Day 4: Gudauri – Deda Ena Mountain Ski Touring – Gudauri

Driving 1 Hour, HB: Breakfast & Dinner, Walking 3,5 hours, 8 km ski track, Vertical– 940 m

  • Prepare for ski touring in Gudauri. In the morning, we drive to the Jvari pass, stop there, and starts ascend to Dedaena mountain. The uphill is quite steep, occasionally turns to more than 25 degrees. Once we reach the highest point at 3400, you will ski down along the ascent path.
  • Overnight at the guesthouse in Gudauri.

Ski Touring in Gudauri & Kazbegi

Day 5: Gudauri – Bidara Mountain Ski Touring-Kazbegi

Driving 1 Hour, HB: Breakfast & Dinner, Walking 30 minutes, 3,5 km ski track, Vertical – 725

  • In the morning, we use the Kobi Gondola, go to the upper station of Kobi, and start hiking from there. Walking from there only takes 20-30 minutes to the Bidara. From here, we will have possibly descent options depending on your experience. We can use deep snow covered areas, or more rocky terrain with more extreme slopes. In the end, we will ski down to the Kobi lower station, from where we will drive and overnight in Kazbegi.
  • Overnight at the guesthouse in Kazbegi.

Day  6: Gudauri – Kazbegi- Gergeti Glacier Ski Touring-Gergeti-Kazbegi

Driving 1 Hour, HB: Breakfast & Dinner Vertical (ascend) – 1000 m, Walking 3 hours, Ski tracks 6 km, Vertical – 1400 m

  • In the morning, we will visit the main sight – Gergeti Trinity Church. Gergeti Trinity Church was built in the XIV century, and the church is located on the 2200 meters from sea level, right below the summit of Mt Kazbegi and above the small town of Stepantsminda. From the church, we will follow the top of the ridge, pass the Sabertse pass, Altihut, and reach the Gergeti glacier. From here, we ski down on the same ascent path, or traverse and go through Arhsa pass, and finish skiing in Arsha village.
  • Overnight at the guesthouse in Kazbegi.

Day   7: Kazbegi – Juta – Chaukhi  Ski Touring– Juta-Tbilisi

Driving 4 Hours, HB: Breakfast & Dinner Hiking 5 km (on a closed road), Vertical (ascend) – 1000 m

  • In the morning, we will drive towards Juta village. Before 5 km to the Juta village, we have to stop the cars, and starts hiking on a closed road. The road is closed due to snow and avalanches here in winter times. We go to one of the peaks of Chaukhi massief, and start ski from there.
  • Afterwards, we go back to Juta village, and drive to Tbilisi
  • Overnight at a 3-star hotel in Tbilisi.

Ski Touring in Gudauri

Tour price includes:

✅ 6-Day Expert Leadership from experienced Ski guides (1 guide per 4 people maximum)

✅ Arrival and departure day group airport transfers

         ✅ All Ground Transportation

         ✅ 1 overnight at a 3-star hotel in Tbilisi (Double/Twin Rooms)

         ✅ 4 Overnights at a guesthouse in Gudauri (Double/Twin Rooms)

         ✅ 2 Overnights at a guesthouse in Kazbegi  (Double/Twin Rooms)

         ✅ Breakfast for all days

         ✅ Dinner for 6 Days

         ✅ Ski Passes

Not included:

        ✘ Travel Insurance

        ✘ Ski Touring Equipment

✘ Additional Alcoholic Beverages


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