Tbilisi city tour

Tbilisi city tour covers all places to visit in Tbilisi. You will walk in the ancient neighborhoods of Tbilisi where you can explore the Sulphur baths, freedom square, Sioni Church and narrow streets of Tbilisi with beautiful 19th century houses with wooden balconies.  If you do not know what to do in Tbilisi, then our walking tour Tbilisi will give you an opportunity to explore the ancient and medieval architecture of Tbilisi and discover the hidden gems of Tbilisi.  


Abanotubani– a district of Sulphur bath with beautiful wooden houses, mosques and churches.

Metekhi Church – was built in 13th century and has a turbulent past. It was damaged and reconstructed several times, while in Russian empire was being used as a prison where once Joseph Stalin was briefly imprisoned.

Sioni Cathedral- one of the most important church in Tbilisi where you can see beautiful frescoes and facades.

Anchiskhati Church – a three-span basilica is the oldest remaining church in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Old Town

Narrow streets of Old Towns – explore small shops and cafes, small handmande souveneir shops and have a look at beautiful carpets and Cloisonne enamels.

Narikala Fortress– literally means “little fortress”, a main defensive fortress was built in 4th century and later was renovated several times. Now it offers visitors breathtaking views over the city. Here, you can enjoy city views and tasting traditional Georgian cuisine. 

Cultural Tours in Georgia

Museum of Georgia – Visitors can explore various archeological artefacts and items found by archeological excavations from 8th millennium B.C. till 4th century A.D., see medieval treasure and visit the Soviet Occupation hall.

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