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Meet our expert  guides and drivers who are truly the key to our trips’ success. All of them are Georgian, born and raised in the country. Many are locals who live in the mountains year-round; others have made it their second home. All are passionate, enthusiastic and endlessly knowledgeable. Meet a few of the tour guides in Georgia that might be on your trip.

Trekking Guide in Georgia
Dito - Hiking, Trekking & Cultural Guide

Dito was born and raised in the Caucasus Mountains and since his childhood, he walked and led people into the mountains. He specializes in expeditions that consist of a wide range of activities including hiking, trekking, horseback riding and cultural-historical tours throughout Georgia. He is extremely knowledgeable about the mountains, history, and customs of the Caucasus Mountains. He has a Master degree in Social Science from the University of York, UK; He also holds a Diploma in Trekking Guide Course and is a member of Georgian Mountain Guide Association. Dito’s passion for the outdoors and for adventure travel, coupled with his love of guiding, makes him a perfect leader and trip companion.

Nutsa - Trekking & Cultural Guide

Nutsa is a certified cultural and trekking guide in Georgia. Nutsa first fell in love with mountains when she became a student at the university, and since he started working at the scouting center. She was inspired by the mesmerising landscapes, the clash of cultures and the adrenaline-fuelled nature of this incredible country. Nutsa finds astonishing that you can climb mountain peaks, walk across glaciers, hike in the tropical forests, ride horses in the semi-desert areas, or enjoy with the sea all in a such small country. Her deep knowledge of Georgian culture, enormous experience, and super cheerfulness makes her one of the best guides in Georgia and not only. She speaks Georgian, English, and Russian languages. Nutsa is an active member and a trainer for future guides in Georgia.

Trekking Guide in Georgia
Tato - Hiking & Trekking Guide

Tato a certified trekking guide and a member of the Georgian Mountain Guide Association. He developed a deep love for the outdoors when he studied history at the Ilia State University. He has been guiding for the last 6 years in all over Georgia. He is an accomplished hiker, and mountaineer. Tato believes experiencing the challenge and wonder of the wilderness is an essential part of the human experience, and is stoked to share his passion for these wild places with teach guest. Tato speaks English and Russian.

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Emily - Hiking, Trekking & Cultural Guide

Emilly is passionate about adventure travel and the extraordinary experiences that come from exploring the world. Her passion for adventure travel has developed over the years in parallel of mountaineering and trekking in the wild Caucasus Mountains. As steward of TrekGeorgia’s original vision, Emilly continually seeks new and exciting ways to embody their spirit and carry on their mission: sharing the natural world with others and fulfilling travelers’ wanderlust through the transformational power of pure adventure travel. She is also a talented photographer, with a keen eye for capturing the natural beauty of Caucasus. "Off duty" you'll find Emilly in the outdoors hiking, running, and horseback riding.

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Tina - Trekking & Horse Riding Guide

Tinatin’s love of mountains was acquired early after her family was living in Tusheti mountains. Tinatin was born and raised in Tusheti Mountains, and she spent all his childhood holidays in the mountains, hiking, walking, and riding horses in the wild mountains of the Caucasus. Tinatin has graduated trekking guide programme, and has been appointed as a leader of the trekking guides of Georgia for 4 years. She is also a horseback riding guide, has her own horses (more than 15), and a small lovely guesthouse in Omalo, Tusheti. Despite the fact that Tinatin is from Tusheti, and specializes in the region, she equally leads the tours to other parts of Georgia. Her immense knowledge of the mountains, Georgian culture, and dedication makes Tinatin as one of the best guides of Georgia. Tinatin speaks Georgian, English and Spanish languages.

Trekking Guide in Georgia
Giorgi - Trekking Tour Guide in Georgia

Giorgi has always had a passion for adventures, different cultures, and landscapes and since graduating professional trekking guide programme, guiding trekking groups in the Caucasus mountains has been an integral part of his life. Giorgi was born in Tbilisi, and his love of trekking started from the university years. He was instantly charmed by the scenery, diverse wildlife and the warmth of the people in the mountains. Giorgi has been exploring and discovering more of what the different parts and regions of Georgia have to offer. It made perfect sense for him to become trekking guide specialist and he is looking forward to sharing his passion for the country and helping others fall in love with Georgia. Giorgi speaks Georgian, English and Russian languages.

Trekking Guide in Georgia
Giorgi - Hiking & Trekking Guide

Giorgi is a certified trekking guide and a member of the Georgian Mountain Guide Association. Giorgi has been exploring and experiencing hiking and adventure activities since childhood. He is an active climber, and also specializes in climbing the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. Giorgi also worked as a Climbing Trainer in Tbilisi. Giorgi wants to share his passion with others, and because of it, he leads our adventure tours in the remote mountains of Caucasus for TrekGeorgia.

Trekking guide in Georgia
Misha - Trekking & Ski Tour Guide in Georgia

Misha is a certified Mountain guide and ski instructor. A passionate mountaineer, Misha grew up and explored Georgia on foot, horseback, and through many climbing expeditions. Today, he continues to enjoy the mountains and landscapes of Caucasus, leading treks for TrekGeorgia. Besides of trekking and climbing, Misha is an accomplished climber and a great ambassador of Caucasus’ culture. He is fluent in English and Russian to compliment his infections smile and endearing personality.

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Gurami Trekking Guide & Driver

Gurami is an experienced trekking guide in Svaneti. He was born and raised in Svaneti mountains and knows each corner of it very well. He has led hundreds of groups in Svaneti mountains. Besides trekking in the mountains, he also organizes transportation in Svaneti. In his free time, he is also an amateur Off-road lover, exploring Caucasus mountains by cars.​

Trekking Guide in Georgia
Sopo - Cultural & HIking Guide in Georgia

Sopo is a certified cultural guide from the guides Association of Georgia. Sofo has studied English and now She is an English Teacher at primary school. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees. Sopo has been a guide for many years. Her dedication, knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm make her one of the most beloved guides of TrekGeorgia.