Omalo Shatili Trekking Tour

This 7-days trek- Trekking from Omalo to Shatili via Atsunta Pass- is probably the most stunning trail you can imagine. We are trekking in Tusheti and Khevsureti – two remote historical provinces of Georgia. These regions are hardly accessible and because of this reason, they keep local traditions and special architectural styles such as stone towers and houses. Our journey takes us through Greater Caucasus mountains, characterized by alpine meadows, snow-covered peaks, pine trees, and medieval villages. 


Day 1 Tbilisi – Alvani – Omalo

  • Your Tusheti adventure begins at your hotel. After breakfast, we drive to Kakheti region. We visit one of the most beautiful and stunning church Alaverdi cathedral built in the 11th century. Then we follow one the most dangerous and adventurous mountainous pass and cross it at an elevation of 2850m. After 6 hours driving, we arrive and explore Omalo which is an administrative and most populated area(up to several families) in Tusheti. Upon arrival, we make check-in at our guesthouse and then walk in/around Omalo and visit the Keselo Towers. Overnight in Omalo.

Trekking in Tusheti
Keselo Towers in Omalo, Tusheti

Day 2 – Omalo-Dartlo-Kvavlo

Moderate, Walking distance 18 km, Duration 6 hours 

  • Tusheti is roughly divided into two parts: Pirikiti’s Alazani river ravine and Gometsari Alazani river. In the morning, we hike to village Dartlo in Pirikiti Tusheti valley. It has been recently renovated and is a typical village of Tusheti with medieval stone houses and defensive buildings. From Dartlo, we are hiking to village Kvavlo, a village of mostly ruined towers and houses overlooking Alazani river and surrounding mountains are worthy to visit. One way hiking requires to cover 3.2 km, ascending is 400 (from 1 833 to 2 182) and one way takes around 2 hours to finish. Overnight in Dartlo. 

Day 3 – Kvavlo-Chesho – Parsma-Girevi

Moderate, Walking Distance 14 km, duration 6 hours

  • In the morning, we continue our journey in Tusheti. We follow upstream the Pirikiti Alazani river and its narrow gorge. At first, we visit villages of Chesho and Parsma with beautiful houses and stone towers. Afterward, we are taking a narrow walking path and reach the village Girevi. Overnight in Girevi.

Village Girevi in Tusheti
Village Girevi in Tusheti

Day 4 – Girevi-Kvakhidi

Hard, Walking Distance – 13 km, Hours – 7

  • After breakfast, we start the most difficult part of our trekking tour. We follow the narrow gorge above the Girevi, cross small mountainous rivers, ruined village Chontio and stop near Kvakhidi. This place is in open green fields, alpine meadows, and rock stones. Here we set up tents and have a dinner.  Overnights in Tents.

Day 5 Kvakhidi-Atsunta Pass –  Khidotani ridge

Very Hard, Walking Distance 10 km, Hours 7

  • In the early morning, we start hiking up to the highest point of our trip. We reach Atsunta Pass at the elevation of 3431 meters above the sea level. Here we stop for snacks and enjoy panoramic views of surrounding alpine meadows and mountains. Then, we descend into the Khidotani ridge and stop in the open alpine meadow for camping. Overnight in tents

Trekking in Tusheti
Trail to Atsunta Pass

Day 6 Khidotani ridge to Mutso

Moderate, Walking distance 14 Km, Hours – 7

  • After breakfast in the stunning nature, we hike down to the narrow gorge and reach the first inhabitant place in Khevsureti. After passing village Khone, we walk to the Mutso village, which is now largely abandoned but still amazes visitors with its beautiful surrounding scenery, towers, and architectural type. Recently, Mutso fortress complex has been renovated. We take a detour and hike for 2 km to Mutso fortress. Near Mutso, our transport with our driver will wait for us. From here, we drive to the village Shatili. Overnight at guesthouses in Shatili.

Day 7 Shatili -Tbilisi

Driving 5 Hours

  • In the morning, we take a walking tour around Shatili which is a unique medieval-type complex. It unites defensive towers with fortified dwellings. All complex was built as a single village with small and narrow streets and common defense walls. All buildings were built by only using stone and mortar. Shatili was the guardian of the northeastern outskirts of Georgia. Afterward. We drive to Tbilisi. On our way, we visit Lebaiskari tower, cross Datvijvari Pass ( 2900m) and arrive in Tbilisi. Here our trekking adventure ends.

Tour Price Includes:

✅ 7-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

✅ Transportation by comfortable 4X4 vehicle

✅ Fuel Surcharge

✅ Luggage transportation by horses

✅ Breakfast, Lunch boxes and Dinner for 5 Days

✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse Omalo

✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse in Dartlo

✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse in Girevi

✅ 1 overnight at a guesthouse in Shatili

✅ Camping Equipment (Tents, Sleeping bags & mats, cooking gear)

 Price Does Not Include : 

✘ Travel Insurance

✘ Trekking gear 

✘ Overnight in Tbilisi for the last nigh

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