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Trekking from Mestia to Ushguli in Svaneti is the most popular and beautiful trekking tours in Georgia country. Hiking day after day through flower-strewn alpine meadows, over alpine passes, with one of the highest mountains in the Caucasus – Shkhara (5152 m), Janga (5059, Tetnuldi (4858m), Ushba (4710), you will enjoy some of the most picturesque scenery in the Caucasus. This 6-day Mestia Ushguli trekking trail is also exceptional, it offers overnights at local guesthouses in remote villages of Svaneti. The villages in this region have a unique architectural style and are included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. With soaring mountains, gorgeous trails, and the most preserved centuries-old towers, and houses, trekking from Mestia to Ushguli is an exhilarating trek that lives up to the highest-class reputation. TrekGeorgia offers you a real adventure through trekking in wonderland Svaneti. 




Day 1: Tbilisi- Enguri Dam -Mestia (Easy, Driving Distance 460 km, 9 Hours) 

  • In the morning we travel to Svaneti. On the way, we stop in Zugdidi and visit Dadiani palace which was a place of local lord governing the significant part of Western Georgia. Afterward, we depart for the Enguri dam which is one of the highest arch dams in the world(a height of 271.5 meters). Then we drive to the region of Upper Svaneti which is an outstanding example of an exceptional mountain landscape composed of highly preserved villages with unique defensive tower houses, examples of ecclesiastical architecture and arts of medieval origin.

  • Overnight at a guesthouse with private facilities in Mestia 

Day 2: Mestia – Zhabeshi (Moderate, Walking distance 16 km, 6 hours)


  • In the morning, we will start the actual trekking. We will hike to the Mulakhi community of Zhabeshi village. The route is easy, follows an off-road car and well-marked trail.

  • Overnight at a guesthouse in Zhabeshi with shared facilities. 



Day 3: Zhabeshi – Adishi (Moderate, Walking distance 10 km, 6 Hours)


  • After breakfast, we start our journey into the wilderness. We hike up to the slopes of Tetnuldi mountain, pass ski resort and descend into the forests of birch trees and rhododendron bushes. After passing a mountainous small river, the alpine meadows will be in front of us. Here is located Adishi village which consists of stone towers and houses built several centuries ago. Its beautiful location, just below Tetnuldi mountain, on the right bank of the roaring mountainous river and between the high mountains with local architecture makes this village so special and picturesque.

  • Overnight at a local guesthouse with shared facilities.



Day 4 – Adishi – Iprali (Hard, Walking Distance 17km, 8 Hours)


  • In the early morning, we will start our Svaneti Adventure. Here we follow upstream to the river. After one hour of pleasant walking across the river, we need to cross the roaring Adishi river. For our safety, we will get on horseback and cross the river. Afterward, we will climb up to the Chkhunderi pass (2655m). From here you can enjoy majestic panoramic views of the picturesque Adishi Glacier. After having lunch on the top of the ridge and enjoying with views, we will descend into the valley of the Khaldechala river. After two hours of easy walk, we reach Khalde village which was destroyed in the 19th century by the Russian soldiers. From here our pass will follow an off-road to Iprali village. Overnight at a local guesthouse with shared facilities in Iprali.



Day 5– Iprali -Ushguli-Mestia (Moderate, Walking Distance 10 km, 5 Hours) 



  • In the morning, we trek through traditional Svani villages. After passing by Kala and Davberi villages, we are trekking through forest and reach Ushguli from above. Ushguli is located at the foot of mount Shkara and at the confluence of the rivers Enguri and Kvishiri. The highest permanent settlement in Europe (2200 m) with the outstanding mixture of the mountainous landscapes and the medieval-type towers and churches will astonish visitors. Here you will visit the Ushguli Ethnographic museum located in the 12th-century old Svanetian tower-house. We also visit a medieval Lamaria church ( of the assumption of the Mother of God).  

  • Overnight at a guesthouse with private facilities in Mestia 


Day 6 – Mestia-Tbilisi (Easy, Walking Distance 5 km, 2 Hours, Driving 8 Hours ) 


  • After breakfast, we will depart to Tbilisi. On our way, we will visit Chalaadi glacier. We will follow upstream of Mestiachala river and after 1,5 km, we reach our finish, a place where the river is born.

  • Afterward, we travel to Tbilisi.


Additional information:

  • The best period for this trekking tour is from June till October. The duration can be extended by adding hiking and other activities in Svaneti. This tour can be combined with other tours in Georgia.

  • Guli Pass is passable only from July, therefore, in June we will go to Koruldi lakes not via Guli Pass but from Mestia. 

  • Your luggage will be transported from the guesthouse to the next guesthouse. 


Please note:

  • This trekking tour is moderate, so good physical conditions of hikers are essential and required. We overnight at a very basic guesthouse with shared facilities. Please, take into consideration that the tour is subject to weather conditions and might be changed.


In price included:

  • 6-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

  • All Ground Transportation

  • Fuel surcharge

  • Luggage transportation

  • 2 overnight at a guesthouse with private facilities in Mestia

  • 1 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Zhabeshi

  • 1 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Adishi 

  • 1 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Iprali 

  • Breakfast for 5 days

  • Dinner for 5 days

  • Packed Lunch Boxes for 4 days

  • Snacks for 5 days

  • If needed, Camping basic Equipment (tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking gear)


What’s Not Included:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off

  • Lunch for the Day 1 & Day 6

  • Trekking Gear (Trekking Poles, Backpacks) – can be rented.

  • Gratuities (recommended)

  • Travel insurance

  • Overnight in Tbilisi for the last night




Tour Type





6 Day



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Just write an email to trekgeorgia@gmail.com, leave a message or call us at +995597769516 and reserve your adventure with us.


Our Guides: a knowledgeable, local, English-speaking guide leads all walks and treks. You will have two local guides in case the number of travelers will exceed 10.


Accommodation: We stay at basic guesthouses in the mountains. Please take into consideration that our treks lead you into the remote areas, and thus accommodation for some treks may not be so comfortable as in Tbilisi or elsewhere. Individual travelers are, in good consultation, classified with other single travelers of the same sex. You can book a single room at the applicable supplement.


Payment: If booking more than 10 weeks before departure a deposit of 20 % of the whole fee will need to be paid at the time of booking with the full amount payable at 10 weeks prior to departure. The deposit applies to adults and children. If you are within 10 weeks of travel then the full balance of the holiday will be payable.


Questions?: Feel free to call us at +995599939279 or write as to our email trekgeorgia@gmail.com if you still have any questions or concerns.


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