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7-Day Trekking to Khevsureti offers adventurous visitors the opportunity to combine hiking, Georgia sightseeing tours, cultural discovery and truly astonishing mountainous scenery.  Khevsureti is a wonderland of cultural discovery and phenomenal high mountain trekking, truly a nature lovers’ paradise. Khevsureti is the most underrated touristic region in Georgia. Only a few foreign visitors to Georgia travel to this region because of the road conditions and unfamiliarity with the region. However, each minute, day and moment are like traveling in a fairy-tell. Khevsureti provides for you to hike in Georgia. You can visit majestic Abudelaurebi Green, Blue and White alpine lakes, medieval defensive villages of Shatili and Mutso. Both villages consist of towers and houses built by specific local cultures without using modern technologies. Deep valleys, narrow gorges, waterfalls, and lakes, abandoned villages, guesthouses in centuries-old Towers are just a part of Khevsureti adventure.



Day 1: Tbilisi-Jinvali-Roshka-Abudelaurebi Lakes-Roshka


Driving 140 km, Duration 5 hours, Walking Distance 12 km, Duration 5 hours.


  • In the morning, we will meet you and drive to Khevsureti region. We will pass by a  Jinvali Reservoir: is one of the largest artificial water reservoirs in Georgia. It is located at the confluence of rivers Mtiuleti Aragvi and Pshavi Aragvi.  Afterward, we will arrive in Roshka village, and start hiking to Abudelaurebi lakes. Abudelaurebi lakes consist of three different lakes – Green, Blue and White ones. The first lake, a Green Lake, is in 6 km from the village. The pathway goes into a stunning alp zone with beautiful flowers and roaring rivers.

  • Overnight at the guesthouse with shared facilities in Roshka village.


Day 2: Roshka –Gudani Village


Walking Distance 10 km, ↑600 m ↓220m, maximum elevation 2000m


  • In the morning, we will leave Roshka village behind, and trek to Gudani village. Gudani village was one of the largest villages in Khevsureti region, but now it is mostly in ruins. We will hike for 10 km, mostly downhill.

  • Overnight at the guesthouse with shared facilities in Roshka village.


Day 3: Gudani village – Kistani village


Walking Duration 8 Hours,  ↑1150 ↓970m, maximum elevation 2700m.


  • This day we will cross the main watershed of the Greater Caucasus mountain, and hike to North Part of Khevsureti. We will cross  Datvijvari Pass - (In English -"bear's cross) at the elevation of 2750 m. It is situated on the Great Caucasus mountain range and offers stunning views of the surrounded mountains. On the way, we will explore Lebaiskari Tower which is a medieval type tower and guards the Shatili road. It has five floors. The first floor was used to be as a shelter for kettles, while middle floors for the living purposes. The last floor was the purpose of fighting and giving fire signals.

  • Overnight in Tents.


Day 4: Kistani village-Khakhabo


Walking Distance 12 km,  Duration 7 Hours, ↑1150 ↓400m


  • In the morning, we will start another rough hiking. We will hike to Chanchakhistskali valley and cross many times of Chanchakhistskali river. This is an old hiking, shepherd trail, but nowadays is forgotten by almost everyone, so do not expect some well-made trail. We will hike in narrow gorges, cross roaring mountainous rivers, and after 7 hours of hiking, we will reach Old Kakhabo village where only one family leaves.

  • Overnight in tents.


Day 5: Khakhabo-Ardoti-Mutso-Shatili


Walking Distance 16, Duration 7 hours, ↑250 ↓720m


  • In the morning, we will start trekking in Kakhabo gorge, where only a couple of people still dwells here. We will hike down to Ardoti village, which is mostly in ruins, but you can see clearly how magnificent its towers should have been looked like in the past. After Ardoti, hiking becomes easier as we follow dirty off-road to Mutso. After 7 km of hiking on the road, we reach a Mutso fortress. Mutso fortress: is another defense complex in Khevsureti region. Located on a rocky mountain (1880m) and consisted tens of strong towers, it created the most formidable stronghold for Georgians against the foreign invaders. The village is now largely abandoned but still amazes visitors with its beautiful surrounding scenery, towers, and architectural type. Recently, Mutso fortress complex has been renovated.

  • Overnight at the guesthouse with shared facilities in Shatili village.


Day 6: Shatili and around


  • This is a day for joy and relaxing. We will stay in Shatili and explore its towers, houses, ruins and nearby places. Shatili – is a unique medieval-type complex unites defensive towers with fortified dwellings. All complex was built as a single village with small and narrow streets and common defense walls. All buildings were built by only using stone and mortar. Shatili was the guardian of the northeastern outskirts of Georgia. Near Shatili, on the top of the mountain, lies a Kachu fortress: a late medieval-type fortress is situated on the top of the mountain. Today, it is in ruins but in the past served as an important stronghold of Khevsureti. It can be accessed from Shatili, after 1,5 km hiking. 

  • Overnight at the guesthouse with shared facilities in Shatili village.


Day 7: Shatili – Korsha-Tbilisi


Driving Distance 180 km, Duration 6 hours


  • In the morning, we will depart for Tbilisi. We are going to cross Datvijvari pass by car, and arrive in Korsha village. Here we will visit Khevsureti Ethnographic Museum- This small museum consists unique displays of local people’s life, weapons, clothing, and other artifacts. Afterward, we will drive to Tbilisi.




Please note:


  • On the trekking trail, we may encounter shepherd dogs. They sometimes bark and scare hikers. If you have any problems regarding this issue, please avoid choosing this trek.

  • We will have to crosses mountainous rivers, there are no bridges. 

  • This holiday involves a considerable amount of walking and may not be suitable for those with walking difficulties.

  • We reserve the right to alter routes without prior notice due to weather and road conditions.

  • Once you have booked your tour, a comprehensive dossier will be sent to you with a more detailed day-by-day itinerary, flight details, visa requirements and helpful information on what to pack.



In price included:

  • 7-Day Expert Leadership from experienced adventure guides

  • Arrival and departure day group airport transfers

  • Transportation from Tbilisi to Roshka

  • Transportation from Tbilisi to Mutso to Shatili

  • Transportation from Shatili to Tbilisi.

  • Fuel surcharge

  • 1 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Roshka (Twins/Double Room)

  • 1 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Gudani (Twins/Triple Room)

  • 2 overnight at a guesthouse with shared facilities in Shatili (Twins/Triple Room)

  • Breakfast for 6 days

  • Dinner for 6 days

  • Packed Lunch Boxes for 7 days

  • Snacks for 7 days

  • Hotel pick-up and drop off


What’s Not Included:

  • Trekking Gear (Trekking Poles, Backpacks) – can be rented.

  • Gratuities (recommended)

  • Travel insurance

  • Luggage transportation

  • Overnight in Tbilisi for the last night



Tour Type





7 Day



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Our Guides: a knowledgeable, local, English-speaking guide leads all walks and treks. You will have two local guides in case the number of travelers will exceed 10.


Accommodation: We stay at basic guesthouses in the mountains. Please take into consideration that our treks lead you into the remote areas, and thus accommodation for some treks may not be so comfortable as in Tbilisi or elsewhere. Individual travelers are, in good consultation, classified with other single travelers of the same sex. You can book a single room at the applicable supplement.


Payment: If booking more than 10 weeks before departure a deposit of 20 % of the whole fee will need to be paid at the time of booking with the full amount payable at 10 weeks prior to departure. The deposit applies to adults and children. If you are within 10 weeks of travel then the full balance of the holiday will be payable.


Questions?: Feel free to call us at +995599939279 or write as to our email trekgeorgia@gmail.com if you still have any questions or concerns.

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