winter hike in Borjomi : snowshoeing

Experience a winter hike in Borjomi with snowshoeing hiking. Discover the winter world in snowshoes as a beginner or seasoned hiker. Take time out from everyday life and get to know the Caucasus Mountains.  

Caucasus Mountains, particularly Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, offer you the opportunity to get the best out of its nature with various winter hiking routes for all levels, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker.

You can enjoy winter hiking in Borjomi at any age adapting your pace to your physical condition. Let yourself be transported by the diversity of the landscapes you cross, between forest passages and free views. Winter hiking ensures moments of pure harmony with nature, away from the crowds, for you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the snow-covered landscape.

Winter hike in Borjomi


Day 1: Tbilisi-Borjomi-Likani to Chitakhevi Ranger Station

Walking Distance 10 kilometers, duration 7 hours

  • Visit the Borjomi mineral park where the first mineral water was bottled in Georgia, drink its mineral water from the spring or bottle it yourself.

    First, you will walk into Likani gorge, and start ascending to the mountains to Chitakhevi Ranger Station. At the shelter, make a fire and rest from a day of beautiful natural sights.

Day 2 : Chitakhevi-Lomistma-Chitakhevi

Walking Distance 14 km, Duration 7 hours

  • In the morning, we continue our winter hiking in Borjomi with snowshoeing and first reach Lomistma tourist shelter. From here, we hike to the top of the mountain where is located St George church. In good weather, you can see both Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountain range in their glories.

Day 3: Chitakhevi Ranger Station to Likani-Tbilisi

  • Walking Distance 8 kilometers, duration 6 hours

In the morning, you’ll wake up and start exploring the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, located in the central part of Georgia and the eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. In total, the mountain range makes up more than one percent of Georgian territory. This day trail goes along panoramic views through coniferous forest and runs down to the settlement of Likani.

In the afternoon, we will depart for Tbilisi.

snowshoeing in Borjomi

Tour price includes:

✅ Transportation from Tbilisi to Borjomi, and back

✅ 3 day hiking guide service

✅ 2 Overnights at the basic wooden cottage

✅ Snowshoes

          ✅ Camping food

          ✅ Hotel Pick up & drop off

           ✅ Camping Equipment (sleeping bags & mats)

Not included:

✘ Travel insurance

✘ Lunch/dinner for the last day

✘ Luggage Transportation

✘ Ski training

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